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The LIA is the largest trade association in Europe dedicated to serving the UK Lighting Industry and its supply chain.

Located at the forefront of the industry and dedicated to promoting best practice throughout the sector, we share our knowledge and provide a wide range of services for our members and the wider lighting industry.

Our members benefit from up to date advice, technical support, laboratory testing services, staff development and fantastic networking opportunities.

They tell us we’re the smartest, easiest and most intelligent way to keep up with developments within the UK Lighting Sector. Join them in keeping up to date in this fast moving sector by becoming an LIA member.

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IEC/EN 60598-2-22 Emergency Luminaire Safety Requirements

Understanding the requirements of IEC/EN 60598 for Emergency Lighting is an essential part of ensuring product safety and performance aspects are met.

Emergency Lighting Foundation, Legislation and Standards (endorsed by ICEL)

This intensive one-day course will equip learners with the knowledge to design and advise on emergency lighting schemes. It will educate them on the things to consider when...

Advanced Lighting Principles

An advanced course that builds on the foundations of the lighting Fundamentals course. In depth learning on the physical principles that the fundamentals are based...


CE Marking

The LIA Laboratory is able to provide independent documentation to support a declaration of conformity, required to mark a product with a CE Mark. This is a mandatory...

LIA Verified

Are you confident that your product claims are correct? Are you confident potential customers can differentiate products that can? The LIA Verified scheme has been...

International export

The LIA Laboratory can support you in exporting to a wide range of international markets worldwide. We are one of only four National Certification Bodies in the United...