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The LIA community is a group of dedicated individuals who collaborate together through Board, Council, ICEL Council, Commitees and The LIA team.

At the heart of our organisation is The LIA team, committed to supporting our members and advancing our mission. Together, we create a powerful network that champions growth, learning, and professional development. 

The LIA Team

The LIA team has a plethora of knowledge, expertise, and skills to illuminate the future of the lighting industry. Our dedicated professionals are at the heart of lighting, driving innovation and excellence through their deep understanding and passion for all things related to lighting. With decades of combined experience and a commitment to the highest standards, The LIA team will assist members to achieve brilliance in every project.

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The LIA Board

The LIA board is composed of leaders from the lighting industry, bringing together a diverse range of perspectives. Each board member brings years' of expertise guiding the association's strategic direction and ensuring it remains at the forefront of industry advancements. Committed to promoting excellence, innovation, and compliance, The LIA board plays a crucial role in shaping the future of lighting, supporting members, and driving the sector's growth and development.

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The LIA Council

The LIA Council plays a key role in guiding The LIA across the UK lighting industry, shaping policy, legislation, quality standards, and supply-chain behaviour. Composed of respected professionals with deep expertise, the Council ensures The LIA's governance structure serves its members effectively. It provides strategic direction, advocates for industry interests, and aligns initiatives with high-quality and regulatory standards. By influencing policy and overseeing supply chain practices, the Council enhances the integrity and reputation of the UK lighting industry, driving The LIA's mission to Connect, Support and Represent.

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Tech Board

The LIA Tech Board is a dynamic team of industry experts and visionary leaders dedicated to steering the strategic direction of The LIA technical approach. By leveraging their diverse expertise the board aims to enhance The LIA technical impact in the UK, drive technological advancements, and deliver value to members and key stakeholders.

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The LIA Committees

The LIA Committees are essential components of The LIA, bringing together experts from various sectors of the lighting industry. These committees focus on essential business critical priorities of The LIA and specific technical aspects, such as standards development, regulatory compliance, product safety, and emerging technologies. By leveraging their collective expertise, the Technical Committees ensure that The LIA and its members stay ahead of the curve.

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The ICEL Council

ICEL Council members are pivotal architects of the emergency lighting industry's future, embodying the spirit of leadership, innovation, and commitment to excellence that defines ICEL.

Moreover, their dedication to promoting quality, safety, and professional development sets a benchmark for the industry, enhancing its reputation and ensuring its sustainable growth. Through their visionary leadership, ICEL Council members not only contribute to the immediate success of the association but also lay the groundwork for a safer, more innovative, and resilient future for emergency lighting globally.

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Welcome to the new LIA website!

Our goal was to enhance your experience and provide you with valuable resources to support your professional growth and industry engagement.

Here are some of the fantastic new features you can explore:

  • Enhanced Usability
  • Online Member Directory
  • Online Learning Portal
  • Membership Engagement Platform
  • Streamlined Events
  • And much more!

If you have any questions, feedback, run into technical issues, please email Meg Henshaw - [email protected].

Thank you for being a part of the LIA community.

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Website Feedback!

The new LIA website has now been live for 2 weeks.

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