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The LIA Laboratory has a 30-year history in lighting product testing. In 2016, we opened our state-of-the-art, 12,500 sq ft facility, thanks to the support of LIA Members and The LIA Council.

We are dedicated to pioneering technological advancements. By continually investing in the latest equipment and rigorous staff training, we ensure exceptional service quality.

Impartiality Statement:

The LIA Laboratory is an independent, impartial, testing laboratory separately accredited by both UKAS and IECEE to perform safety and performance testing of lighting products. The LIA Laboratory is free to act independently of the LIA and has an ongoing compliance program to ensure that the highest standards of independence and impartiality are applied to all its activities in accordance with best practice.





The LIA Laboratory has been accredited by UKAS for testing services since 2001 and we are accredited to test almost any lighting related product. A current version of our UKAS accreditation can be found below:

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The LIA Laboratory was proud to become one of only four UK NCB (National Certification Bodies) in 2015 allowing us to offer our Members and non-members CB Certification. A current version of our IECEE accreditation can be found below:

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LIA Laboratory Ltd recognises the utmost importance of impartiality and potential conflicts of interests in promoting confidence when conducting its testing and product certification activities. Find out about our Impartiality Policy below:

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LIA Laboratory Decision Sheets

DS-1 LIA_12_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1 (all editions), IEC/EN 62031 (all editions)
Acceptance of LED modules.


DS-1 LIA_11_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1:2015/A1:2018, IEC/EN 60598-2-X series

IP rated product - testing process


DS-1 LIA_10_2020

Building regulation Part B, BS 2782-0:2011, BS EN ISO 291:2008
Preconditioning of material/product for TP(a)/TP(b) assessment


DS-1 LIA_09_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1
AC supply symbol size


DS-1 LIA_08_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1, IEC/EN 61374-1
Earthing of luminaire via independent controlgear


DS-1 LIA_07_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1, Building regulation Part B
Thermoplastic diffusers - multilayer diffuser testing


DS-1 LIA_06_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1, Building regulation Part B
Thermoplastic diffusers - number of specimens for assessment


DS-1 LIA_05_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1, Building regulation Part B
Thermoplastic diffusers - compliance criteria for TP(a)/TP(b)


DS-1 LIA_04_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1
Lamp cap type marking (E14, E27)


DS-1 LIA_03_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1, OD-2039
Certificate acceptance by LIA Laboratory


DS-1 LIA_02_2020

ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17067, OD-2039, OD ECS 028
Acceptance of critical components


DS-1 LIA_01_2020

IEC/EN 60598-1
Luminaires assembled by user


Quick responses to our enquiry.

Graham Langhorne

Performance Lighting

Always have great service.

Rob Waters

TRT Lighting Ltd

Brilliant TM66 service, looking forward to completing more assessments.

Eoin Mulligan

LED Group Robus



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