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ICEL is the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting. Its mission is to strengthen the industry and promote the benefits of good quality emergency lighting. It represents all aspects of UK, EU, and international legislation and standards at the highest level, whilst protecting the interests of the public and its members. A division of the Lighting Industry Association, it specialises in providing support to the market for Emergency Lighting requirements.

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ICEL Council

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ICEL Technical Statements

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ICEL Professional Recognition

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ICEL Emergency Lighting Conference

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ICEL Certification Scheme

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ICEL Endorsed - Emergency Lighting - Understanding Legislation, Design, Risk Assessment and the Importance of Competence

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ICEL Award Winners

ICEL Award Winners

Here you will find the ICEL Awards Winners. These are presented at the Annual Lunch and AGM yearly.

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Role and Importance of ICEL

As a respected ‘knowledge bank’, ICEL serves as the go-to resource for members and the broader community, addressing emergency lighting questions and issues, including the use of emergency lighting controls and adaptive signage by:

Advancing Knowledge and Standards

Through the ICEL Emergency Lighting Technical Committee's diligent monitoring of industry developments, ICEL provides up-to-date information, advice, and briefings on emerging standards and technologies. This continuous learning environment ensures that all members are at the forefront of industry advancements.

Leading Representation

ICEL stands as the primary voice for emergency lighting interests, engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, standard-setting organisations, and international forums. Our representation ensures that the interests of our members and the public are safeguarded and promoted at the highest levels.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

By encouraging the development of new technologies and solutions, ICEL members contribute to a culture of innovation within the industry. Collaboration among designers, manufacturers, distributors, installers, and maintainers fosters a holistic approach to addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities in emergency lighting.

Promoting Quality and Safety

Our unwavering commitment to promoting the highest standards of emergency lighting transcends mere industry benefits; it is a critical component of public safety. Emergency lighting plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe evacuation from premises, the swift identification of fire-fighting equipment and aiding emergency services in navigating premises efficiently during emergencies thus enhancing overall safety measures.

ICEL Members are audited once a year through the LIAQA scheme. Categories for this are as follows:

  • Manufacturer of emergency luminaires
  • Manufacturer of emergency lighting controlgear
  • Manufacturer of emergency lighting batteries/chargers
  • Manufacturer of central power supply systems
  • Conversion of luminaires for emergency operation
  • Emergency Lighting Control Systems
  • Emergency lighting scheme design
  • Emergency lighting servicing/maintenance
  • Emergency lighting installation

To check which services each individual ICEL member has been assessed for via an audit, see link below:


Enhancing Professional Development
ICEL provides numerous opportunities for professional growth, including access to leading Emergency Lighting training, exclusive research, participation in committee work, and engagement in webinars relating to critical topics in the fast-evolving emergency lighting industry. These activities not only contribute to the individual development of our members but also to the collective expertise of the industry.

ICEL Member Benefits

The key benefits of joining are as follows, and you will gain:

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The key benefits of joining are as follows, and you will gain:

  • Access to specialist emergency lighting knowledge, including early access to British, European and International Standards,
  • Opportunities to shape the future of the industry through access to specialist, sectoral information made available via emergency lighting committees, including gaining access to  upcoming developments within the wider emergency lighting arena
  • Ability to influence and direct emergency lighting standards and legislation through participation in various local, national, and international committees.
  • Access to dedicated marketing, PR, and communications support to elevate the profile of your brand to your  customers, with recognition within the wider industry as a credible, audited, third-party verified, emergency lighting supplier
  • Joint working opportunities with the organisation that created the first, industry-focused, competency and professional recognition scheme for emergency lighting specialists.
  • Access to the ICEL Certification Scheme, where your products are assessed and certified by The LIA. Upon completion, you will have access to use the ICEL Certified logo (for applicable products), highlighting your dedication and commitment to safety.
  • Early access and/or discounted rates to attend exhibitions and events such as Voltimum Live and FireEx.
  • Access to real-time information dedicated to the emergency lighting sector, including access to events promoting networking opportunities.

If you are interested to find out what is involved, contact [email protected].


New In 2024 for ICEL Members

As we continue to Connect, Support, and Represent, we will be delivering a range of ICEL member-focused projects throughout 2024, including:

  • A brand-new website to facilitate better and easier engagement with the full range of member benefits, including online development opportunities and access to peer-to-peer learning communities.
  • Improved photometry offering, an enhanced laboratory system, and streamlined processes to better serve member requirements.
  • A detailed policy and sustainability strategy to support members through upcoming regulation and to help convert it to a commercial advantage.
  • ICEL Certified scheme to certify products and provide confidence in product integrity.

Emergency Lighting News

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ICEL Unveils Programme for the Emergency Lighting Conference 2024



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