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Duration:1 day
Offering a deeper understanding of the DIALux evo software as a lighting design and planning tool.
Duration:1 day
The highest level course on DIALux evo software guiding the learners through fine level detailing and practical tasks to fine-tune the understanding and experience of the software as a lighting design and planning tool.
Duration:2 days
An entry-level understanding of DIALux evo as a lighting design and planning tool along with an introduction to key lighting design topics relevant to simple lighting layouts.
Duration:2 Days
The Practical Course in Luminaire Testing to IEC/EN 60598 is intended to take delegates through the practical testing process of domestic and commercial luminaires, with the options of working with fixed and portable luminaires including table lamps, bulk head and recessed luminaires
Duration:1 day
This course will help you gain an understanding of the full requirements of BS EN 60598-1 standard which specifies essential requirements for all types of electrical luminaires in domestic, industrial and OEM markets.