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Duration:1 day
Free one-day workshop with expert trainers that will help set you on your way to selecting quality products, and ensuring the installation has appropriate design for the needs of the space for a successful indoor lighting upgrade.
Duration:1 day
Free one-day workshop with expert trainers that will help set you on your way to planning and implementing a successful street lighting upgrade for lower energy costs, controllability, improved landscape aesthetics and reduced light pollution, as well as enhanced safety for pedestrians and...
Duration:1 day
This one day course offers the attendee an understanding of the breadth of legislative requirements to place lighting products on the market; covering all relevant regulations and directives.
Duration:2 days
An entry-level understanding of DIALux evo as a lighting design and planning tool along with an introduction to key lighting design topics relevant to simple lighting layouts.
Duration:1 day
Are your premises using older lighting technologies, such as halogen or fluorescent bulbs?If so, did you know that LED lighting and control systems can provide significant reductions to your overheads, as well as providing a better quality of light with flexible control opt
Duration:1 day
This course will help you gain an understanding of the full requirements of BS EN 60598-1 standard which specifies essential requirements for all types of electrical luminaires in domestic, industrial and OEM markets.
Duration:2 Days
The Practical Course in Luminaire Testing to IEC/EN 60598 is intended to take delegates through the practical testing process of domestic and commercial luminaires, with the options of working with fixed and portable luminaires including table lamps, bulk head and recessed luminaires
Duration:1 day
This introductory course in lighting provides a definitive overview of the lighting sector and is suitable for those looking to familiarise themselves with the science, standards, regulations and business of the lighting industry.
Duration:1 day
Targeted at users with a working knowledge of lighting design terminology and practice who wish to use Relux as a light planning tool. The Lighting Industry Academy offer this course in association with 42 Partners Ltd and is delivered by a Relux accredited trainer.
Duration:1 Day
DIALux is the world's leading software for planning, calculation and visualisation of indoor and outdoor lighting.