Practical Course in Luminaire Testing to IEC/EN 60598

The Practical Course in Luminaire Testing to IEC/EN 60598 is intended to take delegates through the practical testing process of domestic and commercial luminaires, with the options of working with fixed and portable luminaires including table lamps, bulk head and recessed luminaires, and street lighting.

The course has been developed as a follow on from a successful delivery of classroom-based course on full requirements of IEC/EN 60598-1, which was further scoped as a practical training part of the ‘Light Sources and Luminaire Design’ module of the HNC/D in Lighting Design and Technology.

This new standalone course by the Lighting Industry Academy is a practical course for delegates to experience the testing process of luminaires – from how products are prepared for testing, through to explanation of the Test Report Forms (TRF) produced for the product.

This course can be taken by individuals or companies with up to 5 delegates on a course.


Teaching Location:Telford
Awarding Body:The Lighting Industry Academy
Duration:2 days
Delivery:Classroom teaching and practical testing
IntakesOnce a month at specified dates
CPD Hours:13 Hours


The course will appeal to individuals in one of the following roles:

  • > Technical and Compliance Managers
  • > Quality Assurance teams
  • > Product designers
  • > Lighting Engineers
  • > Sales teams (possibly dependent upon company)

The companies who will benefit from this course:

  • > Luminaire Manufacturers
  • > Luminaire Importers
  • > Luminaire Distributors


The course is delivered in 3 different ways:

Standard course for individualsSuitable for delegates to register as individuals. The course will use portable luminaires (e.g. table lamp), and fixed luminaire (e.g. bulkhead fitting) for the testing. However, prior to the course, the trainer will make the decision, based on the delegate, whether other prepared products should be used to best engage the delegates
Closed course for 1 company  (option 1)                                                                        The practical testing is done using products selected as appropriate for the company
Closed course for 1 company (option 2)

The practical testing is done using 1 product of the company's choosing.

The other products for testing will be selected from the prescribed products to best suit both the company and complement their chosen product.

This course will be delivered at the LIA Laboratory in Telford and the learners will have access to the laboratory training room and all laboratory test equipment, with the exception of photometry.

The learners will be provided with the following materials for the course:

  • > IEC/EN 60598 Standard information
  • > Pre-Prepared TRF Reports
  • > Pre-Prepared samples for testing (e.g. plastic samples for flammability)
  • > Range of Luminaires - Table lamps x 5, Bulk heads x 5, Recessed x 5,  Street Lamps x 5


The main objective is for the learners to understand the practical application of the standard BS EN 60598.

They will experience how products are prepared for testing right through to understanding the Test Report Forms (TRF) produced for the product. The tests covered will differ from one to the other depending on the products being used for the course.

Learning outcomes of the course are:

  • > The ability to assess products against the clauses of the standard
  • > The ability to assess products to verify if standard requirements have been met.
  • > Gain an understanding of the electrical requirements in the standard
  • > Understand and gain practical use of test equipment used to assess a luminaire to IEC/EN60598


The learners will be required to attend 2 continuous days for the practical testing and learning at the LIA Laboratory.

Learner’s access to the LIA Laboratory facilities will be controlled they will be required at all times to remain with the course tutor or a member of the laboratory staff.

All learners will be required to sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement to protect the confidentiality of the products under testing at the LIA Laboratory.


The learners are not assessed on this course.


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Depending upon the learner's experience and knowledge, they may choose to do the courses from Introductory, Certificate, Advanced Certificates and all the way up to Higher National Certificate and Diploma (HNC and HND) in Lighting Design and Technology (in partnership with the University of South Wales).


Standard course for individuals :

Member£995 + VAT
Non-Member1,350 + VAT

Closed Course for companies (option 1)


(for up to 5 delegates)
£4,500 + VAT


(for up to 5 delegates)

£6,250 + VAT

Closed Course for companies (option 2)


(for up to 5 delegates)
£4,950 + VAT


(for up to 5 delegates)
£6,750 + VAT


22nd-23rd July 2020                                                    The LIA, Telford 
15th-16th September 2020                                       The LIA, Telford 
25th-26th November 2020                                        The LIA, Telford 

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