LIA Certificate Course

The LIA Certificate provides an excellent ‘grounding in lighting’ for a wide audience, and has proven to be the catalyst for many long and very successful careers in the lighting industry. New in 2017, the LIA Certificate is now available in a new revised modular format.

The LIA Certificate provides a solid foundation of knowledge required for a career in the lighting profession. It will build your understanding of the fundamentals of light, light sources and lighting design.

The fully revised learning materials are structured into three modules that can be taken flexibly or, for the first time, over five consecutive days.

Course Content

The revised LIA certiicate consists of three taught modules, which are now also available as stand-alone courses. To be awarded the LIA Certificate you must complete all three modules and a lighting project (on which you will be assessed) within six months. 

Lighting Fundamentals

Taking the first two days, Lighting Fundamentals is designed to prepare you for a career in lighting, or give you a grounding in lighting if you work in a related profession. It looks at how light is produced and measured, how light is received and processed by the eye and the emerging considerations and trends which are shaping the sector.

Find out more about the Lighting Fundamentals module.

Light Sources and Luminaires

A day-long course to develop awareness of the types of light sources and luminaries available. This includes both modern sources, and those sources which have historically been used which may still be encountered in day to day work.

Find out more about the Light Sources and Luminaires module.

Lighting Design

A day-long course to develop your awareness of lighting design considerations. The course looks at the approach and techniques used by lighting designers which allow successful designs to be created and controlled to meet client need.

Find out more about the Lighting Design module.

Lighting Project

The project starts with a mandatory half-day briefing session, scheduled for the morning of the fifth day, which introduces the project looks at what is required to complete it. You must then complete a self-study project, and following submission you will be invited to an oral interview to review your approach and outputs. Once the project has been successfully completed you will be awarded the LIA Certificate.

Is this course for you?

The LIA Certificate is ideal for anyone wanting to start or progress a career in the lighting profession.

This Certificate is recognised by SLL (The Society of Light and Lighting) as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the SLL Lighting Diploma


Costs for onsite training (up to 10 delegates)

Member - £7950 + VAT

Non-member - £10250 + VAT


Upcoming dates for this course

21st-25th May 2018HOLIDAY INN, ELSTREE
25th-29th June 2018TELFORD

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