LIA Advanced Certificate

The Advanced Certificate course consists of three modules which are self-contained units, taken and assessed separately.

Each module consists of a distance learning element, a single session of 3 days duration, and a design project that is completed at home.

Exterior Lighting

Lesson 1 Fundamentals: Calculation of illuminance, luminance and flux relevant to outdoor lighting design.
Lesson 2 Floodlighting: Luminaires and lamps and their application, installation design for building and area lighting.
Lesson 3 Road Lighting: Luminaire characteristics, principles of road lighting design to relevant BS EN standards.


Interior Lighting

Lesson 1 Daylight – availability, daylight factors, illuminance distribution point by point and the effect on building design. Use in energy conservation with lighting controls
Lesson 2 Illuminance and luminance within a room, distribution, transfer factors and Utilisation factors and use in the calculation of flux and average illuminance on all room surfaces and their effect for various applications.
Lesson 3 Calculation of illuminance from linear and point source light sources.
Lesson 4 Installation design – design of indirect lighting for installations including point by point , Energy conservation and part L of the Building Regulations, plus a review of SLL Lighting Guides.


Light Measurement

The course consists of:
One day of practical work including the measurement of the performance of a luminaire and the production of its photometric data, the measurement of illuminance distribution, photocell characteristics and daylight factors.
Two days of seminars on principles of photometry, measurement of flux and intensity distribution, calculation of flux, LOR, SHR values and distribution factors from intensity data; derivation of UF tables and CEN classification.
The measurement of illuminated for indoor work spaces.


Who Should Attend?

For those who have obtained the LIA Certificate, or who can demonstrate their ability to satisfy the requirements of that course, and who wish to specialise and attain a higher qualification, which will lead to MSLL and The Lighting Diploma.

To qualify for the award it is necessary to pass TWO of the three modules


Costs for onsite training (for up to 10 delegates)

Member - £4995 + VAT

Non-member - £5695 + VAT



2016 dates for this course are now fully booked, please look out for 2017 dates.


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