ICEL Emergency Lighting Foundation and Design

This intensive course is run over one day and will provide you with the knowledge to be able to advise on and design emergency lighting schemes. Delegates will be able to assist the Responsible Person in ensuring that their emergency lighting is compliant with the needs of the fire risk assessment and fit for purpose in the event of an emergency.

All course delegates will be provided with a comprehensive manual covering the material included in this unit and additional support material, serving as a valuable point of reference after completion of the course. The ongoing assessment included in the course will allow the trainer to monitor progress and provide additional assistance to learning where required.

Delegates achieving 75% or more in the assessments will be awarded an  ICEL certificate stating that they have attended and passed the course.

Course Content

  • Basic regulations, relevant standards, and the need for emergency lighting including the new safety category for the protection of occupants who may be allowed to stay in some premises during a mains supply failure
  • Types of emergency lighting describing self-contained, central systems with slave luminaries and conversions of luminaries for emergency use
  • Exit sign pictograms, luminance and viewing distances
  • Luminance requirements, lux levels, uniformity and duration requirements
  • Emergency lighting of cinema and theatre auditoria
  • Choosing maintained or non-maintained luminaries
  • Design procedures covering all points of emphasis, e.g. stairs
  • Using manufacturers’ spacing tables for escape routes and open areas
  • Simple designs for high risk areas
  • Conversion of mains luminaries for emergency use, to achieve the lux levels discussed previously and using conversion spacing tables
  • Disability glare and colour requirements
  • Basic installation, wiring and fuse protection
  • Testing and servicing to BS 5266-1
  • Automatic testing

Is this course for you?

Any engineers with a basic knowledge of lamps and light fittings aiming to add emergency lighting principles and design to their range of skills and services and the more experienced engineers who already have knowledge and experience in this field. This is a recommended course for any engineer wishing to move on to the more ICEL Advanced Emergency Lighting Maintenance course which can be provided to dedicated companies. 


Costs for onsite training (up to 10 delegates)

Member - £2500 + VAT

Non-member - £3200 + VAT



24th July 2018Marriott Hotel, Slough
21st August 2018Telford
12th September 2018Marriott Hotel, Slough
23rd October 2018Telford
27th November 2018Marriott Hotel, Slough

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