Dialux Evo

Providing a comprehensive introduction to using DIALux evo which will provide delegates the level of understanding to be able to work with the software and the confidence to further explore the functionality.

This seminar will cover the software features such as:

  • Basic functions
  • Creating buildings, not only rooms
  • Working with 2D and 3D plans, using several plans simultaneously
  • The 200 manufacturer catalogues, incorporating
  • Lumsearch and its database exceeding
  • 300,000 luminaires
  • Illuminating exteriors and interiors in one project
  • and calculating how they interact with another
  • Creating large scale plans and raytracings in seconds
  • to meet your presentation needs

Who Should Attend:

All users of Lighting Design software who want an introduction and appreciation of DIALux evo.


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About the supplier


It is our aim to improve the spaces in which human beings live and work, thus contributing to better architecture. To this end we focus on the instruments of lighting and building systems. DIAL provide DIALux, the internationally leading software solution free to lighting designers and planners for lighting design of indoor and outdoor spaces.

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