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We offer the widest selection of learning related to the lighting industry, through our unique collaboration of industry bodies and provider partners. The Lighting Industry Academy provides a hub for the development and delivery of high-quality learning.

The vision of the LIA is to bring together stakeholders to collaborate on creating an Academy for Learning, that will happen anywhere in physical and virtual environments, with quality assured material from a range of providers. The Academy is the one-stop home for all training and development needs, both in the lighting industry itself and for lighting expertise to those wider users of lighting products. Find out more about the Academy, or if you have high quality learning become an Academy Provider Partner


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LIA Certificate Course
The LIA re-developed the LIA Certificate course for January 2017; since then we've seen over 300 students embark of their certificate journey. The LIA Certificate provides a solid foundation of knowledge required for a career in the lighting profession and has been the catalyst to many successful careers in the industry. The course will build your understanding of the fundamentals of light, light sources and lighting design over five consecutive days. As of January 2017 the course content is now modular meaning individual modules can be taken together or separately, to suit your time, needs and experience.
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