The Latest Academy Ambassador sees distribution as key

NET LED Lighting are acknowledged specialists in LED lighting solutions for commercial businesses across the UK via its extensive electrical wholesaler network.

Seen as the manufacturers’ distributor, with over 25 years of knowledge and experience in SMD LED technologies, NET LED ensures they only supply products that meet the industry’s stringent quality and performance demands.

Christopher Dawes, Director at NET LED explains why they wanted to become an Ambassador of the Lighting Industry Academy.

The Academy Ambassador thinking inside the box

Pictured: Sarah Lavell, Academy Operations Manager with Director of Luxbox, Simon Fox

The latest industry player to support the vision of the Lighting Industry Academy is relative newcomer to the emergency lighting world, Lux Box Lighting Technology Ltd.

Whilst Luxbox may be a new brand, it has the power of Sander Elektronik, the Swiss emergency lighting specialists, behind it. At the helm is Simon Fox who has been a key figure in emergency lighting for over 20 years.

Simon explains the company’s support for the Academy:

Lighting Outlook - Issue 2

Introducing the 2nd Issue of the Lighting Outlook magazine. After the success of the first one, and some great feedback we have put together this issue - focussing on various Statistics within the LIA, interesting facts and figures around the EU Referendum and much more. Remember the Lighting Outlook is YOUR magazine - so if you would like to see anything in here then please do let us know. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Skyline LED Floodlight

  • 10/20/30/50W Genuine replacement for Halogen Floodlights
  • 70/100/150/200W Genuine replacement for Metal Halide Floodlights
  • Standard and PIR options
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bracket option
  • Fully encapsulated IP65 TUV certified driver
  • Bridgelux COB LED
  • PIR Over-ride function
  • Average 8M detection range for PIR Floods

The PIR sensor is separately tested from the fixture and has an independent IP65 rating.

Suitable for Site Lighting.

Thorn launches Isaro Pro

Thorn Lighting has launched Isaro Pro, a sleek, robust and high-performance LED street lantern that provides a truly futureproof lighting solution.  Isaro Pro is a totally sustainable luminaire offering a long life and low energy consumption and has been specifically designed to prevent light pollution and minimum disturbance to the environment.

LED Vintage Lamps

  • Dimmable and Non-Dimmable available
  • Special Extended Filament To Replicate Traditional Vintage Amber Glow
  • Amber Glass Coating
  • Over 90% Energy Saving Compared To Incandescent Vintage Lamps
  • Super Low Energy Consumption

LED Vintage Lamps flyer

Pro LED GU10 High CRI >95

Traditional halogen look with the energy saving benefits of LED

  • True fit GU10 size
  • Suitable for fire rated and IP rated fixtures
  • High grade driver designed for smooth dimming at min & max load levels, operating effectively with rotary and digital dimming system
  • 36° Beam angle

Pro LED GU10 High CRI >95 provides clean, crisp lighting, ideal for the retail environment. With a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) which ensures brightly coloured products are displayed to their full potential.


  • Direct size replacement for Standard GLS
  • Suitable for firerated fixtures
  • 30000 hours

PRO LED GLS Lamps flyer

Luceco wins Best Innovation in Lighting at RetrofitTech Dubai Summit & Awards

The 4th Annual RetrofitTech Summit & Awards were recently held in Dubai.

The well attended event addressed the project opportunities across Dubai including strategies to achieve increased energy efficiencies.  Discussions also included future financing models, as well as highlighting the latest technologies and products for use to achieve energy savings and Return on Investment.   

Eco LED T8 Frosted Tube

Cool White, Warm White & Daylight

  • Suitable for switch start and highh ffrrequency
  • Designed to replace conventionaall fflluoorrescent tubes
  • Long life of 25000 hours
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Up to 59% Energy Savings
  • Simple Retrofit

For use with magnetic ballast: Remove starter and capacitor

For use with electronic ballast: Remove control gear and wire directly to mains. Not suitable for emergency