Strategic Partnerships

We operate within a wide network of committees and groups that work to improve and grow the industry. We have introduced the UK Lighting Sector Strategy, a joint industry and government strategy designed to set out a roadmap to 2030. 

As a Membership based organisation we provide services to over 250 Member companies, 65 Retail Members and have an affiliation with over 35 industry related bodies and six government departments.

We pride ourselves on being the 'voice' of the lighting sector and we play an influential role in advising and creating UK and European lighting legislation and policies. By leading a wide variety of technical and political committees, we maintain a position of being the largest, most informed and educational lighting related trade association in Europe.

Our strategic partnerships include representation at local, Government and EU level in all aspects of lighting legislation and policy.

UK Lighting Innovation For Our Future

The UK lighting industry is remarkably well placed to enjoy a period of rapid growth through the opportunities presented by innovation and research taking place right here and now.

This is the latest initiative to emerge from the UK Lighting Sector Strategy launched in May 2014.

This document outlines key technology development areas that the UK would be well placed and capable of exploiting with support and intervention.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Smart Cities

The global urban population is forecast to double from 2000 to 2025, with 180,000 people joining a city each and every day.

The municipal leaders charged with running these complex networks of people, infrastructure and services are on a constant search for more efficient ways to analyse data, anticipate problems and coordinate resources in their cities. The goal for many is to become a Smart City.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smart Cities, of which the LIA is a member, brings together Parliamentarians with the British academics, NGOs, and businesses that are leading the global smart cities revolution. LIA Membership of the Smart Cities APPG is one of the ways we can work more closely with stakeholders in this revolution to help members take advantage of the business opportunities.