The Lighting Industry Academy

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has recognised how the growth and rapid change in the lighting industry requires an increasing breadth of learning across all areas of lighting and it’s application. With the support of Industry the LIA has created the Lighting Industry Academy (the Academy) to provide high quality learning for both industry and those working with the increasing breadth of lighting products now being introduced. The Academy is an umbrella organisation for an extensive range of high quality learning delivered through the LIA directly, or through other quality assured third parties.

The vision of the LIA is to bring together stakeholders to collaborate on creating an Academy for Learning, that will happen anywhere in physical and virtual environments, with quality assured material from a range of providers. The Academy is the one-stop home for all training and development needs, both in the lighting industry itself and for lighting expertise to those wider users of lighting products.

The LIA Head Office at Telford will provide the physical home for the Academy, with development of new Learning facilities starting in early 2016 and followed by a formal launch in late spring. By that time the new LIA Laboratory will already be in full operation, and the state of the art facilities there will complement the Academy to provide an exciting, unique, and much needed facility for Lighting Industry learning.

There are already a range of courses available through the Academy, covering a diverse range of lighting-related topics.

Academy Steering Group

To ensure the Academy is focussed on meeting needs accross the industry, we are forming an Academy Steering Group to be responsible for defining direction, promoting collaboration and ensuring quality of learning, career pathways, and qualifications right across the lighting industry. This extends across specification, the supply chain and installation activities.

A number of key bodies within the industry are already involved; if you feel you should be involved please contact us.