Market Intelligence

We create useful, accurate and valuable information on the Lighting Industry in the UK, shared exclusively with LIA members.

We offer a range of research and market analysis services to members. Market Analysis generated by the LIA, as well as other information relevant, is available in the dedicated Market Intelligence section of the Knowledge Library.

If you have any queries, please contact the research department at or contact us.

Industry Research

Watch out each month for our Lighting Barometer to be fired out to all members. A snapshot questionnaire based on a limited number of multiple choice question which takes only minutes to complete, this helps us produce a simple, precise overview of the industry. We also issue Snap Surveys with just one simple question here.

Each month we produce FREE reports on Lamps, Control Gears, and Luminaires to members who contribute their data, as part of our Statistics Scheme. This could allow you to track market trends and providing feedback on your market share. Find out more, including access to sample reports in our Market Analysis and Statistics section.

All this and more can be found in Lighting Outlook, our new magazine bought out in 2016 and available to all members. Displaying simple statistics, anything interesting with regards to the state of the industry and any trends that we feel may be of interest to our members. Find more information and previous copies in our Lighting Outlook section.

Specific Questions

Of course, we are also here to help you with any specific queries. You can do this through the Support Hub by contacting Ella Perry on

We are also able to offer specific Research Support.  If you want any help with regards to research then please do contact us and we can try our best to assist you. This may come at an extra cost if necessary.