Steve's London Marathon Challenge

New Year Resolutions - In a different light!

As we enter a new decade, I am sure many of you reading this have set (and maybe already broken) New Year resolutions. This is traditionally the time of year we set both personal and business goals that we hope to achieve in the coming 12 months. So as we begin the 20's, I have decided to attempt to achieve my personal resolution by applying the same principles I do to my professional life.

On a day to day basis we all set, plan and execute business projects with the intention of realising a successful outcome. These projects often involve others, either colleagues or third parties which require management, clear objective and regular reviews if they are going to yield the results we expect.

So my plan is to apply the same rigor to my own personal goal. Define what a successful outcome looks like, define the starting point, create a team to help and then build a plan to achieve the desired result.

So this year as well as the new plans and business projects the LIA are working on, I will be executing my own project and updating you with my progress on a weekly basis.

The Goal

I (Steve Davies, CEO of the LIA) will be running a marathon for the first time at 51 years of age (after being 'egged' on by my eldest son, Max!) on April 26, 2020. It is something I have always wanted to do, thought I could do, but now I am experiencing the reality that it is going to happen!

With a rather optimistic goal, I hope to compete my first marathon between 4:00 - 4:30hrs!!!

So after a few months of gym training during 2019, I have begun the formal running training, following a 16 week plan to the letter.

Week No.        Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday     Saturday     Sunday 

       1                       Rest.              4 miles.          4 miles.                  5 Miles.            Rest.           5 miles.            9 miles. 

       2                       Rest.              5 miles.          5 miles.                  5 Miles.            Rest.           5 miles.            11 miles. 

       3                       Rest.              5 miles.          6 miles.                  5 Miles.            Rest.           5 miles.            13 miles.

       4                       Rest.              6 miles.          7 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.           5 miles.            15 miles.

       5                       Rest.              6 miles.          8 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.           4 miles.            13 miles.

       6                       Rest.              6 miles.          9 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.           5 miles.            17 miles.

       7                       Rest.              6 miles.          6 miles.                  7 Miles.            Rest.           4 miles.            20 miles.

       8                       Rest.              6 miles.          7 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.           4 miles.            13 miles.

       9                       Rest.              6 miles.          8 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.           4 miles.            20 miles.

       10                    Rest.              7 miles.          9 miles.                  7 Miles.            Rest.           4 miles.            15 miles.

       11                    Rest.              6 miles.          10 miles.                7 Miles.            Rest.           4 miles.            20 miles.

       12                    Rest.              6 miles.          9 miles.                  7 Miles.            Rest.            4 miles.            17 miles.

       13                    Rest.              6 miles.          8 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.            4 miles.            21 miles.

       14                    Rest.              6 miles.          7 miles.                  6 Miles.            Rest.            4 miles.            15 miles.

       15                    Rest.              5 miles.          6 miles.                  5 Miles.            Rest.            4 miles.            10 miles.

       16                    Rest.              4 miles.          4 miles.                  3 Miles.            Rest.            2 miles.            RACE DAY

But that is not the real reason I'm taking part. Raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the real reason. At 3 years of age our son Lewis was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and now at 14, he is managing his condition unbelievably well.

Over the years he has managed injections up to 5+ times a day, blood testing every few hours and now connecting his pump cannula and glucose monitoring sensor every couple of days and at the same time managing his diet alongside the highs and lows of blood variations.

He has been lucky enough to benefit from the improvements in technology relating to the management of Type 1 Diabetes that keeps him healthy and it is organisations like JDRF that make it possible. So I hope you will help me reach my goal of raising £3,000. If you are able to donate, the link can be found here

Keep updated with my training and latest news here

Thank You