Advanced Lighting Principles

An advanced course that builds on the foundations of the lighting Fundamentals course. In depth learning on the physical principles that the fundamentals are based upon.


Course Location:The Lighting Industry Association, Telford   
Education Institution:The Lighting Industry Academy   
Duration:2 Days   
CPD Hours:6.5 Hours   



This course is aimed at people working in the technical side of the industry, including test department, luminaire development and design engineers and technical sales people. Successful completion of the LIA certificate is a prerequisite of this course, although an exception can be made if the student can demonstrate previous professional competence.



The course is delivered via classroom sessions and laboratory practical work.



  • > Basics of Light and Colour and Illumination in Lighting- Revision from Certificate course. (Includes a lab session.)
  • > Test and measurement standards for lighting- gain an understanding of the requirements for performance testing of luminaires and on-site testing of lighting installations.
  • > Spectroscopy and Optics- Deals with the basics of spectral light measurement and the fundamental principles of optical physics (in a lighting context.) (Includes a lab session.)
  • > Photobiological Safety. Theoretical background, standards and practical guidance on testing light sources and luminaires for eye and skin safety. (Includes a lab session.)
  • > Flicker. Theoretical background, standards and practical guidance on testing light sources and luminaires for temporal lighting artefacts. (Includes a lab session.)
  • > Circadian lighting. Biological background and practical guidance on the application of human centric lighting.
  • > Mesopic Lighting. Explanation of exterior and interior lighting in the context of exploiting the crossover of the day and night adapted retina responses in twilight lighting regions.
  • > LED lifetime and lumen maintenance. Exploring LED light source and luminaire lifetime and lumen maintenance statistics. How verifiable are these claims, and what are the most common light source and luminaire failure mechanisms?



2 days: 09.30am - 16.30pm



A 2,500 word essay task set at the end of the second day with a two month deadline. A question paper set at the end of the second day (two week deadline.)



For individual delegates:

Member:£625 + VAT
Non-Member£745 + VAT


For a group of up to 10 delegates from a company delivered as a closed course:

Closed company courses are a more effective way to train your staff together for a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business.

The course contents for a closed course can be tailored to relate directly to the specifics of an organisation’s requirements following a conversation with the trainer.

Please contact the Academy for more details and a personalised quote for this course.




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