Lighting Fundamentals

This course makes up part of the LIA Certificate Course, which provides a solid foundation of knowledge required for a career in the lighting industry. Click here for further information.

Included as the first module of the Certificate Course, Lighting Fundamentals is also offered as a standalone course.

The course is designed to prepare the learners for a career in lighting, or for gaining a grounding in lighting for those working in related professions.

The learners are taught the fundamentals of light perception by the human eye by examining the structure and capability of the visual system.

The course covers the basic theory and principles of colour in light and introduction to lighting terminologies and measurement units, as well as learning to do the calculations associated with measuring light and interpreting photometric data.

Students will learn about the emerging trends which are shaping the lighting sector, such as energy efficiency considerations and get an understanding of the future direction of the lighting market.

Course Location:Telford and South of England
Education Institution:The Lighting Industry Academy
Duration:2 days
Delivery:Teacher-led classroom learning
Assessment:Knowledge test
Intakes:Once a month at specified dates
Level:Part of the Certificate course, at an introductory level
CPD Hours:6.5 Hours


This course is particularly useful for those who are new to working in, or with lighting - either in manufacturing, design or the wider lighting community.

It should ideally be taken as part of the Certificate Course.


The course is delivered via presentations and course notes handouts in a classroom setting.


  • > How light is produced
  • > How light is used by lighting engineers
  • > How the eye responds to light
  • > The capability of the visual system
  • > Units, terminology and calculations associated with light
  • > Interpretation of photometric data
  • > Basic light measurement
  • > Basic theory and principles of colour in light
  • > Energy efficiency considerations
  • > The future direction of the lighting market


2 continuous days. 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.


The learners are assessed at the end of the course through a knowledge test paper consisting of multiple questions.

The questions cover the principles taught during the course and are designed to test the student’s understanding of the underpinning principles covered in the course.

The deadline for submission of the knowledge test will be informed by the course tutor. (It is advised to submit it as soon as possible while the course material is fresh in the mind)

A minimum of 60% of the marks available on the test paper is required to pass the course.

The course assessment contributes 5% towards the final mark required for passing the Certificate Course.


The course notes provided are designed to give a reference point for the completion of the test paper.

Support is also available through the course tutor.

Please direct all support requests via the dedicated course support email You will receive a response from either your course tutor or another suitable member of the Academy training team.


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Further develop your knowledge and career in lighting by studying for the highest qualification offered by the Academy at Higher National Certificate and Diploma (HNC and HND) in Lighting Design and Technology (offered in partnership with the University of South Wales), upon completion of which the students will have the option to convert it to BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology degree at University of South Wales.

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For individual delegates:

Member:£585 + VAT
Non-Member:£745 + VAT

For a closed company course:

Closed company courses are a more effective way to train your staff together for a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business.

The course contents for a closed course can be tailored to relate directly to the specifics of an organisation’s requirements following a conversation with the trainer.

Please contact the Academy for more details and a personalised quote for this course.



20th - 21st April 2020Online Session
11th - 12th May 2020Online Session
15th - 16th June 2020Online Session

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