Webinar Recording: BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting in partnership with the LIA

Following the successful launch of the BSI Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting to a well-attended event at the LIA in Telford on 27th June, British Standards Institute (BSI) in partnership with the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) followed it up with a live webinar on 23 July.

The webinar was an opportunity for those who could not attend the event to find out about the scheme and for others to get further clarification.

Those who registered with the webinar online also had the opportunity put in their questions at the registration page which were answered at the webinar.

The recoding of the webinar is now available to watch online below and on YouTube.

In the webinar hosted by BSI’s Media Production Manager, Rob Lee, BSI’s Electrical Certification Manager Holly Rossington along with LIA CEO Steve Davies introduce the scheme and guide them through the requirements and process of signing up. They also answered a set of questions about the scheme asked at the launch event and submitted by the webinar attendees.

BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting is a step forward in product safety and quality, which will drive up standards and further reduce the risks of product recalls and returns. It has been developed in partnership with the LIA to recognise the achievements of commercial lighting manufacturers that consistently meet the highest possible standards for safety and quality for a wide range of lighting products, including LEDs.

More information on the BSI Kitemark can be found at the webpage on the BSI website.