TRILUX Office Lighting Contributes to 40% Reduction in Connected Load for Watershed Bristol

Arup’s lighting team developed and specified an attractive, all-LED design for the lighting of public, conference and office areas at the well-known and much-loved arts centre Watershed in Bristol. TRIUX Lighting was chosen to provide ultra-modern, light and airy lighting for the back-office zone.

Mike Matthews, TRILUX Project Engineer Midlands & South West Region, describes, “The main objective for the office area was to have a lighting scheme which was invisible and modern, that would help to rejuvenate and refresh the admin areas for staff. Our Lateralo range provided the optimum solution. The innovative optic provides outstanding visual comfort, ideal for working offices. Visually it provides a striking office statement but when switched-off the optic is transparent, enabling the extremely flat luminaire to discreetly float in the space.”

The building’s original lighting installation included layers of luminaires installed during previous maintenance or refurbishment programmes. In many cases, these luminaires were fitted with inefficient tungsten halogen lamps. The new all-LED installation prioritised flexibility and took full consideration of both the building’s original architectural features and current occupancy patterns.

Laura Walder, Watershed, Head of Facilities comments, “Our new office lighting creates a bright and uplifting atmosphere. We were aware our lighting wasn’t up to scratch and spent a long time choosing a replacement that would add to the architecture of the spaces and make the most of our high ceilings. Our new lights are lot more comfortable to work under and ideal for screens. Plus, the design is really striking and looks great against our industrial style backdrop.”

The overall result is a more attractive and flexible lighting system as well as one that has helped to reduced Watershed’s lighting-related connected load by 40%. To read the full case study visit the TRILUX Experience: