Tan Sales to host connected lighting open day on 29th May

Tan Sales, an established exporter and distributor of electrical and lighting equipment, will host an open day at their London office for electrical contractors, facilities managers and small and medium sized businesses to see a live demonstration of a connected lighting system based on a Zigbee mesh network including how this is commissioned.

Tan Sales want to show trade contractors how they can become part of the growing commercial connected lighting market and the training that is available to them.

The open day will be held in collaboration with LIA members, Signify. The system that will be used for demonstrations is Interact Pro which is connected lighting system for the trade market and is sold exclusively through key distribution partners.

The open day on 29th May is being held at Tan Sales, Unit 12, Brunswick Industrial Park, London N11 1JL from 9.30 – 16.30.
To register your interest call Tan Sales now on +44 20 8920 4181 or email at info@thelightbulbshop.co.uk