Steon Lighting’s new Spectroradiometer Testing System

With the advent of computer aided design and the mass adoption of Building with Information Management (BIM) software there is ever increasing demand for exact and readily available luminaire performance data.

With the lighting industry being as dynamic and progressive as it is new technologies are developed and adopted in quick succession. Each alteration to the make-up of a luminaire is likely to alter some aspect of its performance. For instance, a new generation of LED chips may deliver a greater lumen package, which in turn may afford a reduction in luminaire power to achieve the same performance. These small but significant alterations must be reflected in the files we make available for our customers via our website to aid in the design and specification of their own projects.

Historically we have outsourced the testing of luminaires, however this exercise was expensive, and the time taken to retrieve results from these third-party testing houses did not align with our product development efforts. It is because of these reasons Steon has opted to bring this aspect of our business in-house.

We have invested in the appropriate lab apparatus and personnel to enable us to conduct our own testing. Our most notable acquisition being the integrated spectroradiometer sphere (pictured above). This equipment is versatile and able to test several aspects of a luminaire’s performance and lighting characteristics, including but not limited to: -

  • Lumen output
  • Correlated colour temperature (CCT)
  • Colour rendering index (CRI)
  • Delivered Lumens per Circuit Watt
  • Uniformity
  • Radiant power
  • Electric parameters