Steon are pleased to announce that the tenth edition of our catalogue is now in development.

Our latest catalogue contains an extensive and reliable range of cutting-edge luminaires which feature within our Steon and Luxace brands.

Steon have developed innovative and all-inclusive product lines which ensure we can provide tailored lighting solutions for diverse applications; including but not limited to commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and residential.

What can you expect from our new catalogue?

  • Around 80 new luminaires that did not feature in edition 9.
  • Our modular range has been completely overhauled and now includes panels with patterned facias for improved aesthetics.
  • A diverse collection of decorative, contemporary and technical high output pendants
  • Steon’s new wireless comprehensive testing and control system, namely PRO ECO.
  • A new range of ‘secure’ anti-tamper luminaires suitable for care and correctional facilities.

We are anticipating that the catalogue will be completed and ready for distribution in September.

To reserve your hard copy please send your name, position and address to

Alternatively, a digital version of the catalogue will be available for download on our website.