Steon’s Lighting Solution for Newbold Parish Church

Newbold Parish Church is situated in the outskirts of Chesterfield and was consecrated in 1857.

Steon Lighting have a longstanding history of designing and manufacturing luminaires which are suitable for application in places of worship. Newbold Parish Church approached Steon Lighting to re-design their existing lighting scheme and supply luminaires which are reliable with longevity whilst enhancing aesthetics around the Church.

It was decided that the lighting throughout Newbold Parish Church was due for renovation, this included updating the luminaires inside the central seating areas, the entrance porch and around the peripheral of the building. One key considerations of the refurbishment was to enhance the building’s interior aesthetics by drawing attention to the original wooden structure of the main atrium, the parish also sought to achieve energy and maintenance savings.

Following a comprehensive site survey, Steon’s design team carried out lighting calculations and selected suitable luminaires for the various areas around the Church.

To successfully meet the brief Steon’s designers selected the Torcello Midi display luminaire for installation above the central seating areas. For a more aesthetically pleasing finish, Steon suggested installing a mixture of direct and indirect versions as this would complement the high ceilings and beams. These luminaires were supplied in 3000K to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Steon’s Torcello Midi luminaires have a life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours and require little maintenance.

The porch was fitted with the Orbit LED complete with a backlight. The backlit units used in conjunction with a Halo trim greatly improved the aesthetics of the luminaires and the entrance areas as a whole.

For installation outside the Church Steon supplied a number of high output IP66 Torcello Midi and Mace LEDs. These were to be mounted around the exterior of the building and above the main entrance to draw focus to the impressive masonry and architecture.

The new lighting scheme has not only delivered adequate illumination throughout Newbold Parish Church but has also successfully highlighted the architectural features throughout; a main priority from the outset of this project. With the adoption of the latest LED lighting technologies the new installation is energy efficient and virtually maintenance free, resultantly expenses and disruption are kept to a minimum.

“When we approached Steon we were initially looking to update our existing extensive lighting scheme, both internal and external, with three main objectives in mind: To improve the economy of our lighting, to make maintenance easier (we were previously having to go up ladders regularly to change the unstable bulbs), and to enhance the aesthetic of the building for worship.

They provided extensive CAD plans of what the new lighting scheme might look like, details of what the most suitable fittings would be, and what level of light would be most appropriate for the various areas of the church building and its exterior. All of this preparation made applying for a faculty (Church of England planning permission) a lot easier as the Diocesan Advisory Committee could easily see the detail of what was being proposed. Once the installation was complete it became clear that they had surpassed our expectations. The LED lights enhanced every area of the church.

In addition to the success of the interior lighting, a number of members of the local community have also commented on the fantastic architectural lights which now see the exterior of the church lit each evening. All in all this has been a very successful lighting scheme and we would heartily recommend Steon to anyone seeking to enhance their building in this way” Revd Ben Griffiths, Rector of Newbold