Reggiani Sees the Inner Light at e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

Reggiani UK has supplied its Envios fittings for the illumination of St Giles Church, one of the iconic buildings featured at the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival.  

The aim of illumination of St Giles, entitled ‘Inner Light’, was to highlight a hidden gem of Cambridge, where nine windows were chosen to be lit with powerful LED lights to make them shine, as the title suggests, with an inner light.

The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a modern arts festival for a city at the forefront of technology and research and a concept that relies on creating a dialogue between the two souls of the city: the technology/scientific spirit on one hand and the cultural/artistic vivacity on the other. This innovative arts festival showcases breath-taking lighting installations created by artists and designers, offering a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to discover the richness and diversity of Cambridge’s buildings and public spaces in a new light. The 5 day event, comprising of spectacular installations, events and a series of talks, will see the buildings illuminated in a variety of ways that will provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to learn more about the powerful and creative effect of light and its many facets. 

Each of the buildings chosen for illumination during the festival have been dedicated to specific lighting designers and artists with well-known lighting designer Simon Fisher of F-Mark being tasked with the ‘Inner Light’ concept for St Giles.  The focus was to floodlight the Grade II listed church from within instead of illuminating the church with external floodlighting to create the ‘inner light’.  Simon worked closely with lighting specialists Reggiani and used three Envios 4 X 13W floodlights mounted within the church to illuminate the spectacular stained glass windows facing Cambridge City Centre. 

The Envios fittings utilise powerful LED light sources to create aesthetically pleasing effects that allow the windows to literally ‘shine’. Envios is a versatile and high performance exterior projector with an IP66 rating that satisfies the complex functional requirements of outdoors installations, including fixed and adjustable surface mounting units and a range of accessories, including cable, pole, wall, branch, column and spike mounting.

Simon Fisher commented “I wanted to illustrate something completely different with this project and literally turning the lighting focus from the inside out to reverse the effect of the stained glass windows.  Reggiani’s Envios fittings were the perfect choice for providing the right effect”.

The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival has a varied programme of events and a variety of activities and workshops including ‘Litre of Light’, which will be held at St Giles. Further information can be found at