Reggiani Flies High at London Luton Airport

The new Aelia Duty Free Store takes Flight

Reggiani UK has supplied a variety of light fittings to the new Aelia Duty Free Store at London Luton Airport, Bedfordshire. The lighting scheme was specifically designed to create a stress- free, relaxed and pleasurable shopping experience for travellers airside who want to shop before they fly.

The Aelia store provides a wide range of merchandise from well-known brands which includes perfumes, wines, spirits, confectionary, clothing, sunglasses and watches. Reggiani worked closely with London-based Wanda Creative, the local architects in charge of co-ordinating the design scheme, as well as liaising with independent lighting designer, Franck Franjou.

“The lighting scheme needed to provide a strong identity for each of the brands on display and gently guide the customer through the retail area”, commented Franck. “We used a single colour light temperature of 3000K (warm white) throughout to generate a uniform light level and create a link with natural daylight - this is reduced at night to avoid any visual fatigue. The light fittings had to be easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate any seasonal layout schemes. As the retail area is extremely busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the scheme was designed to be all-LED to reduce or obviate maintenance and relamping time”.

In order to achieve the effects as aspired to by the scheme design, recourse was made predominantly to Reggiani’s track-mounted Maxi Yori projectors. These were installed along the general circulation aisles in an even balance of wide and narrow beams with 30W LED light sources and a consistent and comfortable colour temperature of 3000K throughout  the space to entice the shopper further along the walkways.

Elsewhere, Mosaico 25W twin gimbal LEDs, 30W Unisio projector pendants and 30W Bisio with 11, 29 and 51- degree optics were used more to personalise and highlight individual brands. The use of lower wattage fittings to achieve the desired lumen output brought added efficiency while special, fire-resistant cabling for recessed luminaires also ensured high safety levels through strict compliance with stringent airport regulations.

The new Aelia lighting design cleverly and gently guides the customer through the aisles and allows a uniform flow between the varied retail sections. The scheme also highlights all the merchandise to its very best and makes it extremely appealing and tempting to customers.