Raising Technical Standards Internationally

The LIA working collaboratively with international groups to share expertise and improve technical knowledge in the Lighting Industry.

LIA CEO Steve Davies
LIA CEO Steve Davies

This is a pivotal time for British businesses as negotiations on Britain's departure from the European Union continues. The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) is always looking out for the interests of its members and the wider lighting business community, and will be working hard for it during the transition period and following Britain’s departure from the European Union.

As the leading industry body for the lighting sector, the LIA is involved in many aspects of the industry helping to take it towards a positive, prosperous and profitable future.

The LIA works closely with legislators in the UK and Europe and enjoys global recognition as an authority on lighting.

We represent all aspects of UK, EU and international lighting stakeholders at the highest level – including with national and international regulatory bodies - while protecting the interests of both the public and our Members.

We share our knowledge and information with our Members, who are entitled through their membership subscriptions and benefit from early access to it, gaining an invaluable resource and competitive advantage.

The LIA also works for the benefit of the wider industry through organising subject-focused Technical Committees made up of LIA Members and external experts who support the technical work of the Association. The committees’ work covers some of the following areas:

  • Input on IEC/EN standards proposals
  • Input to LightingEurope, our European Trade Association, on EU subjects such as ERP, RoHS, LVD etc
  • Input to UK Government on regulatory matters, ECA, building regs, policy direction, market surveillance, Brexit etc.
  • Preparation of LIA Technical Bulletins, Information Sheets, Technical Statements & Guides



Our in-house technical expertise is unsurpassed in the lighting industry and our Technical Managers sit on over 40 National, European and International committees .

One of those international committees is International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) which is the world’s leading organization for the preparation and publication of International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, known collectively as ‘electrotechnology’. IEC is also the source of all standardisation work for the lighting industry that results in BS EN standards.

The IEC brings together 167 countries that represent 98% of global population and 96% of energy generation. Nearly all countries in the world accept products built according to IEC International Standards.

IEC works with close to 20,000 experts in approximately 170 technical committees from around the world that come from industry, commerce, government, labs, academia and consumer groups.

The LIA’s Technical Managers Krish Govinden and Lawrence Barling actively participate in IEC Conferences, Technical Committees and Working Groups held around the world, which gives LIA early access to proposals for amendments/new standards and the ability to comment and shape these prior to their publication.

Lawrence Barling and Krish Govinden (left to right) at the IEC Meeting on Light Source Focus held in Toronto, Canada in June 2018
Lawrence Barling and Krish Govinden (left to right) at the IEC Meeting on Light Source Focus held in Toronto, Canada in June 2018

As industry experts nominated by the BSI National Committee, LIA Technical Managers hold official positions as Convenors and help draft proposals and comment on them.

Krish Govinden is currently the Chairman of CPL/34/4 for Luminaires for the UK national committee, BSI which prepares input to IEC SC 34D (prepares International Standards regarding specifications for luminaires) and CENELEC TC 34Z. This committee mirrors the activities of IEC TC34 SC34D  and CENELEC TC34 (EU mirror committee for IEC TC34).

Krish also attends the various Sub-Committees and working groups meetings under TC34 as the UK expert and represent the views of the LIA members within the LIA Technical committees for the relevant sections. In addition, he is a Co-Convenor of IEC TC34/AG12 (Advisory Group for LED product Interactions) which looks at any issues currently associated with using LEDs such as thermal runaways from cascading chip failures.

As Co-Convenor of IEC SC34C JWG3/IEC SC34D JWG2 for Emergency Lighting and associated Control Gears, Krish is in an ideal position to represent the technical views of ICEL (Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting) on an international level as its Technical Committee secretary. The latest proposal to amend IEC 60598-2-22 (Emergency Lighting product standard) for the measurement of the sign contrast has originated from the ICEL to support its members. Other major proposals that have been considered by ICEL are the additions of Supercapacitors and Lithium-Ion batteries into the standard.

Lawrence Barling is a Chair of the BSI committees CPL/34 for Lighting, CPL/34/1 for Light Sources and CPL/34/2 for caps and holders, whose activities mirror those of IEC TC34, SC34A and SC34B and CENELEC TC34.

Lawrence also sits on 14 IEC Working Groups and is Convenor of IEC SC34A WG4 on LED standards, IECSC34A WG6 on Legacy lamps and generic standards & SC34B WG1 on cap/holder fits and safety. In addition, he also represents the UK as a delegate to IEC TC34 and SC34A, SC34B, SC34C and SC34D.



In Europe, the LIA is a founder member of LightingEurope, the organisation representing the interests of the European lighting industry, where our Chief Operating Officer Peter Hunt, is currently the President.

LIA COO and LightingEurope President Peter Hunt (centre) with EU Commission Vice President and the CEOs of Philips and Erco
LIA COO and LightingEurope President Peter Hunt (centre) with EU Commission Vice President and the CEOs of Philips and Erco

Lighting Europe represents more than 1000 lighting companies and is an advocate for the lighting industry in Brussels. Peter, in his role as President, helps drive the new strategy for the EU lighting industry which seeks to move the agenda on from pure energy efficiency towards increasing the value of lighting to  society.

Peter is advocating for a move away from over-regulation to enable our fast-moving technologies to develop. His work involves lobbying the EU policy makers to allow the industry to focus on consolidating energy savings that the lighting industry has seen in recent years, while supporting the development of smart, human centric lighting and improving lighting quality.

Our Technical Mangers Krish and Lawrence are also involved with LightingEurope where they attend various Working Groups and Task Force to provide input into the position papers published by the organisation on behalf of its members, and communicate any actions and information back to the LIA Technical Committees.

LIA has special working relationships with a number of other trade associations such as German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, ZVEI, the Italian Association of Lighting Manufacturers, ASSIL and the Lighting Council of Australia; all working towards the mutual benefit of our members.



Quality and compliance is on top of the agenda for the LIA and it is something that the association expects from all its members, and wherever required, provides assistance and support to those who need it.

Through its Quality Assurance scheme LIAQA, the LIA offers its members an industry specific Quality Assurance solution which addresses legislative and regulatory requirements specific to the lighting industry and is designed to operate as a robust standalone quality solution, or as a scheme to work in conjunction with ISO9001.

LIA sets criteria for product acceptance and manufacturing process requirements and assists in providing the evidence that supports product conformity - be it in the UK or anywhere in the world.

Given the global nature of the supply chain, a significant portion of the lighting products placed on the EU market are manufactured in Asia, especially in India and China, where cheaper labour and lower manufacturing costs provide an attractive proposition for British suppliers.

However, compliance adhering to relevant directives such as the Low Voltage Directive for safety requires that series production of products must be controlled.

For LIA members, the LIA provides 3rd party audit service that includes visit to suppliers in Asia. Paul Sargent is the lead auditor for LIAQA who is IRCA ISO9001 accredited to perform audits of the supplier’s facility. This 3rd party audit not only captures essential information required to evidence series production control, but also provides the opportunity to deliver the supplier with the most current legislation and standards requirements.

LIAQA Audit and Training Development Manager Paul Sargent at a factory audit training in China
LIAQA Audit and Training Development Manager Paul Sargent at a factory audit training in China

LIA’s assistance to its members extends beyond its engagement with suppliers in Asia, through continual training and support throughout the year to Auditors, Inspectors and Evaluators:

  • Audit Training – Delivered through ITOL certified staff, the training enables the EU based companies the confidence, materials and knowledge to perform an audit of their international suppliers.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspectors Training - Training to physically examine a product before the customer opens the box, which is a crucial role in the supply chain, often failing to meet the required standards.
  • Supplier Evaluation Training – Educating the companies with what to ask or look for from a supplier when looking to source products from Asia.

The LIA is committed to raising the technical standards of the lighting industry worldwide and endeavours to promote and maintain high standards of practice and professional conduct in a range of areas including technical advancement, quality assurance, education and training, which are pivotal to the growth of the industry in the UK and throughout the world.