Q&A with the LIA Alpine Ski Challenge Fundraiser - Simon Cook

The LIA Head of Sales, Simon Cook is taking part in the LIA Alpine ski challenge for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (GOSH), along with his colleagues Steve Davies and Peter Hunt.

Inspired by their unforgettable time on a similar challenge 3 years ago from which they raised £1000's, Simon and the team are now training and fundraising for another adventure; travelling to the Alpine slopes on 24 January which will see them clock up over 180km of GPS tracked skiing in 24 hours.

Counting down the days until heading off to the slopes, Simon shares his motivation behind fundraising for the Charity and the training he is putting in to complete the challenge.

Simon Cook training for the LIA Alpine Ski Challenge

What was the motivation behind the challenge?

I was inspired by a presentation at the snow Camp at a ski event a number of years ago. It seemed a fun way to raise money for a charity that the LIA supports. We are donating money to the Charity through our own entry and then we are using this Ski Challenge to raise some separate money to support our contribution.

Why skiing?

Because all 3 of us in the team love skiing.

Why have you chosen the Great Ormond Street Hospitals Charity?

It is the LIA’s chosen charity and as an employee of the Association, I am happy to support it.

Have you had any experience of doing something similar?

We entered a team 3 years ago to raise money for the Snow Camp charity. It was the hardest endurance event I have ever done.

How much are you hoping to raise for the charity?

I will be pleased to surpass the amount we raised through our previous challenge.

How are you preparing for the challenge?

I am training on a frequent basis in my own gym. I tried to do something every other day leading up to Christmas, and now for the coming weeks leading up to the challenge, I will be training every day.

My training consists of between 2-3 kilometres on a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine followed by a minimum of 15 minutes pushing a big gear on my road bike coupled to a Cyclops indoor Turbo Trainer. If I have any energy left afterwards then I do some free weights training. The emphasis of my training is on weight loss whilst increasing my endurance capabilities and focussing on core strength, in particular on my quads for leg strength.

What are the main difficulties or obstacles for you in your preparations?

Time pressures of life, age and work are an easy excuse. Christmas also fell into the mix and training suffered a bit because of it.

What advice would you give to other fundraisers?  

From my experience, having someone with you for fundraising really helps with the motivation and drive. If you’re raising money for a challenge, make sure to do plenty of training as it is very important to prepare yourself physically.


You can help Simon with his fundraising by donating to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity on the JustGiving page set up for the LIA Alpine Ski Challenge at the link.

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