Lumicom – The Preferred Recycling Scheme for Major IOW Lighting Project

Work is currently underway by Ringway/Island Road Lighting of Ryde, Isle of Wight, to replace all council owned street lighting on the Island working in conjunction with Lumicom’s luminaire disposal infrastructure.

The 3 year project is part of the Isle of Wight Highways PFI, which includes the improvement and maintenance of the entire publicly maintainable highway across the Island. 

The campaign commenced in April 2013 and will include every aspect of the highway including all public roads, footpaths, cycle ways, street lights, bridges etc.  

Ringway were specified to replace approximately 12,000 old street lighting fittings which will be disposed of via Lumicom, to replace them with a more efficient and modern LED light source. 

The new lighting will also be operated via a CMS (central management system) so lighting levels and switch on times can be adjusted to allow for the individual needs in the area, whilst improving energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions.

The existing Heritage fittings are being replaced with new columns and lanterns in a ‘like for like’ basis and the investment will provide immediate benefits to the look and feel of the roads and pavements.

Light will be directed exactly where it is needed to help reduce traffic accidents, crime and general all round safety for road users and pedestrians alike. 

Lumicom remains the UK’s No 1 compliance scheme for Commercial luminaires and has reported a significant increase in the company’s recycling of WEEE over the last year, proving that there is growing demand from end users for the responsible disposal of lighting products. 

Image courtesy of Philips Lighting