LightingEurope launches White Paper on “Serviceable Luminaires in a Circular Economy”

“We clearly see that the Lighting industry, boosted by the fast transition towards LEDification, is moving in the direction of manufacturing “circular products” with extended lifetimes and additional capabilities compared to conventional products” points out Ourania Georgoutsakou, LightingEurope Secretary General.

LightingEurope is currently exploring, in a White Paper published today, concrete proposals on how this industry can contribute to the “Circular Economy” and further optimize its ecological footprint.

“As our White Paper says, serviceability refers to the ability to prolong the technical and economic lifetime of the product, after the product has been put into service.” continues Ourania Georgoutsakou. The White Paper “Serviceable Luminaires in a Circular Economy” focuses on Serviceability of luminaires and is looking at the business models and growth opportunities around reparability, maintenance, replaceability and upgradability. A voluntary scheme to provide information about the serviceability of luminaires according to their design characteristics is discussed in order to provide the market with information on the additional capabilities of luminaires.

The White Paper outlines growth opportunities and identifies the technical, economic and legal parameters that need to be addressed, to support higher penetration of serviceable luminaires. Benefits include improved material and energy efficiency and reduction of waste, capacity of products to evolve with customer’s needs and technology development, creation of new business models and new jobs and of course, proximity to customers. At the same time, the technical and legal framework for serviceability need to be clarified, addressing issues such as safety and implications for warranties or the liability of luminaire producers and component manufacturers.

The European Lighting industry is fully engaged in energy efficiency of lighting products and lighting systems and has a great record in prolonging the lifetime of products, in collection and recycling and in the reduction of hazardous substances.

“LightingEurope members believe that this is the right time to be even more ambitious. Circular Economy and EU Policies in this sector can have a big impact on the industry. If managed well through market-enhancing policies, they could offer strong growth opportunities to the lighting sector.” concludes Ourania Georgoutsakou.