LIAQA Case Study - Porta Romana

Company Profile

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Porta Romana make iconic lighting and furniture that are synonymous with unique design and artisanal craftsmanship. Their products are made in Britain and cater for all tastes and shapes of interiors.


Porta Romana design and produce a range of portable and fixed general purpose luminaires. As a responsible and compliant business, they provide their customers with products that are fit for their intended purpose and comply with relevant standards and current legislation in accordance with the LIA guidelines and essential safety requirements of BS EN 60598.

As a member of the LIA, Porta Romana were LIA Code of Practice accredited and were subject to annual inspections.


Porta Romana’s membership of the LIA provided their customers with the assurance that they are supplying top quality and safe products, but they wanted to showcase the high level of commitment to quality and safety that they are achieving with their products.

Moreover, due to new requirements in legislation relating to RoHS, EMC, ERP etc., the LIA had reviewed their Code of Practice, which created the need for an updated quality assurance scheme.

For Porta Romana, this created the requirement for a quality assurance scheme through which they can continue to assure their customers of the high level of quality and safety they have always maintained.


Porta Romana were contacted by the Quality Assurance Manager from the LIA who explained the LIAQA guidance notes, policies and procedures of each individual modules that cover all product areas of the lighting industry.

As the LIAQA scheme was built on the LIA Code of Practice, it was easy to update all the necessary documentation.

Porta Romana had a high commitment to quality in their business and adhered to all the guidelines that the LIA Code of Practice scheme had set out for them, but the LIAQA has taken them to a more advanced level in quality assurance.


“The LIAQA has really helped us focus on quality and put processes in place which now stretch further throughout the company. It has helped our technical department to stress the importance of quality and safety to the rest of the company.

“Being able to market the fact that we are LIAQA accredited is a great way to promote that our products are not only manufactured to the highest standards, but that they also comply with all the relevant standards and current legislations.”

- Lee Robinson, Project Director, Porta Romana

“Going through the certification process was easy for us because it was mainly updating and adding to the processes we already had in place for the LIA Code of Practice.

“The help and advice from both LIA Quality Mangers Andy Guest and Paul Sargent throughout the year has was fantastic. You get the feeling that they want to help you meet all the necessary criteria rather than being out to get you like other accreditations.”

- Jordan Eves, Technical Administrator, Porta Romana

LIAQA Award Winner
LIAQA Award 2018 winner Porta Romana represented by Project Director Lee Robinson and Technical Administrator Jordan Eves

LIAQA Award 2018 winner Porta Romana represented by Lee Robinson and Jordan Eves

“The LIAQA award really means a lot to me. It has given me a great sense of achievement. It’s nice to see the reward for all the work I had put in. It’s fantastic to be able to win something for my company and I hope our dedication to quality will continue to be noticed in the future.”

- Jordan Eves, Technical Administrator, Porta Romana



The LIAQA is a mark of quality through which the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) members can showcase to their customers that as suppliers of lighting and lighting related products they have a system in place that effectively addresses product compliance.

The LIAQA mark shows that the LIA member has successfully fulfilled the criteria set by the LIA for product acceptance, manufacturing process requirements, and have provided evidence that supports product conformity.