LIAQA Case Study – Rothschild & Bickers

Company Profile

Handblown glass made in England

Rothschild & Bickers design & make hand-blown glass lighting combining traditional design with craft skills.

At their glassblowing studio in Hertford, the company hand-makes everything to order using refined glassblowing skills and a careful selection of complementary suppliers.

Their clients not only benefit from the workmanship in the products but also the ability to design and recommend the most effective lighting solution tailored to a specific project.

Rothschild & Bickers are passionate about glass blowing and are driven to ensure the processes and techniques used in glass lighting are kept within the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Rothschild & Bickers designed hand-blown glass lighting - pick-n-mix group cool


Founded by Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers in 2007, Rothschild & Bickers is renowned for its sophisticated and unique designs. Behind the exquisite lighting which adorns stylish hotels, restaurants and homes across the UK is a passion to keep the craft of glassblowing alive. Every design produced at the studio is hand-blown using traditional techniques, creating glass to be cherished by future generations.


Rothschild & Bickers have always been committed to the craft and quality behind their products. As the company grew in size, they made the decision to adopt their own in-house quality system.

However, significant changes in legislation and product standards in recent years led the company to bring in specialist assistance to provide robustness to their in-house quality system and ensure their leading position in the market.


The Lighting Industry Association has a Quality Assurance (QA) scheme which offers a lighting industry-specific robust Quality Assurance solution and a dedicated team that works with LIA members to implement, as well as maintain, a quality system that meets all relevant UK and EU legislation.

Rothschild & Bickers adopted the LIAQA scheme to ensure that their products placed on the market adhered to all the current legislation for CE compliance.

As a result of the LIAQA scheme in place to support the company’s quality system, they have new processes in place to ensure product compliance:

  • Tests all products to BS EN 60598-1:2015 through dedicated and annually calibrated industry-specific test equipment.
  • Audits all suppliers and check they hold relevant documentation verified by independent test laboratories.
  • Undertakes an annual external audit by the LIA to ensure continued and up to date compliance.
  • Ensures product families are ‘type-tested’ by the LIA Laboratory to ensure that the benchmark used in-house is valid.
  • Maintains a documented quality system that covers manufacturing, procurement and document control.


“Rothschild & Bickers have worked closely with the LIAQA team to create a robust quality system that provides both the company and its customers with confidence that every product meets all CE requirements. The experience has not only ensured compliance, but it has also streamlined and further enhanced the back-end systems of the business, to ensure that Rothschild & Bickers is in a superb position for future growth.”

- Mark Bickers, Founder and Co-owner, Rothschild & Bickers



LIAQA logo

The LIAQA is a mark of quality through which the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) members can showcase to their customers that as suppliers of lighting and lighting related products they have a system in place that effectively addresses product compliance.

The LIAQA mark shows that the LIA member has successfully fulfilled the criteria set by the LIA for product acceptance, manufacturing process requirements, and have provided evidence that supports product conformity.