LED Sapphire Filament Lamps

Amitex LED has expanded its very popular range of Sapphire Filament Lamps, designed to replicate incandescent in shape, size and appearance.

Formats range from the 8W/1000lm GLS through 3.5W/ 320lm Candle and Golf Ball, 4W/320lm Globe and Tube, to 2.5W/200lm Squirrel Cage. The Candle and GLS are now available in cool as well as warm white. The Squirrel Cage, Globe and Tube lamps have an amber finish and lend an immediate antique or retro feel to any environment.

Dimming is available across the range and the lamps offer excellent dimmability using either leading or trailing edge dimmer switches.

Energy efficiency is a given, with outputs between 80-125 lumens per watt. All products come with a 3-year warranty.