LED retrofit solution helps create meaningful, engaging areas of public realm

Southgate, Bath

Client: TÜV SÜD Light Studio
Architect: Macgregor Smith - Landscape Designers UK
End Client: British Land / AVIVA
Application: Public Realm  

The challenge

Located in the centre of the World Heritage City of Bath, Southgate, with an annual footfall of 24 million people, recently embarked on a public realm enhancement scheme.

The aim: to provide a high-quality, flexible space with increased capacity to accommodate the activities of daily civic life as well as larger events.

The proposal focused on the transformation of the main square at Southgate and Brunel Square to create meaningful, engaging areas which encourage people to dwell in a series of new green, vibrant, external spaces. 

The lighting design was integral to the overall masterplan development; concentrating on the main shopping square, The Place and the surrounding streets.

Key project requirements

  • Warm CCT to harmonise with the neighbouring streets.
  • Reduce light levels to avoid over lighting.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Ensure users still feel safe at night.

The solution

The original bespoke wall luminaires (installed in 2008) were designed by DW Windsor, to blend in with the local heritage architectural style, using the most efficient technology at the time. 

Neal Paley, Specialist Lighting Designer, TÜV SÜD Light Studio, describes, “Naturally we worked with DW Windsor to bring the street lighting up-to-date. The concept was to replace the existing 60W CosmoPolis lamps, which ran at 66W with a 2700K 19W CoB LED retrofit system. The new design provides warmer, lower light levels, reducing the overall energy consumption by 71% while still ensuring users feel safe at night.

Neal continues, “It was clear that the old metal lamps were producing a lot of bright cold light. Technology has advanced in the last ten years and the trend has moved back towards warmer colour temperatures – a throwback to the traditional gas lamp, perfectly in keeping with this area - this enabled us to retrofit the original bespoke lanterns to improve performance and create a more harmonised street lighting approach for the area.”