Learner Case Study: Pretesh Sitpura (HNC in Lighting Design and Technology)

Student Profile

Pretesh Sitpura
HNC student and Lab Engineer, LIA Laboratory, The LIA


Pretesh always had an interest in electronics and had a special fascination for LEDs, which increased gradually with the growing popularity of the technology.

Pretesh’s first work placement was with a company who upgraded the lights on the motorway signs to new LED’s, and it is there that he got his opportunity to work with the technology. It is on his placement that he realized the endless scope of projects that can be done with LEDs, thereby presenting an attractive career option for him.

Driven by his interest in electronics, and engineering as a whole, Pretesh went on to study Level 3 Engineering at college.

When Pretesh started working for the LIA Laboratory, he had no specific lighting qualifications, but gradually built-up his knowledge on the job.


Joining the LIA Laboratory gave Pretesh the opportunity to work in lighting and develop his understanding of the technology. However, he realised that in order to progress in the company, and ultimately in his career, he needed to gain further qualifications.

When deciding on the qualification to do, Pretesh found that the course content of the HNC complemented what he had learned since joining the LIA Laboratory, supplemented his previous knowledge from the level 3 Engineering, and had lots of new bits of education that he needed.

The qualification also worked well around his work commitments after factoring in the fact that he will be doing it part-time, the amount of time needed to do assignments and travelling to the University of South Wales campus on occasions.

Learning Experience

Pretesh has admittedly found the first year of his course difficult but feels it has been all well worth for the amount of knowledge he has gained in the process.

He has enjoyed the opportunity to be able to do the practical experiments at the LIA Laboratory to back-up the theoretical learning at the university campus and hopes there are many more practical sessions to go along with the theory lessons.

For his second year of study, Pretesh is looking forward to working on the singleton project and all things new that he hasn’t yet known about.

He is also looking forward to gaining from the skills and knowledge of the course lecturers who bring with them an astonishing amount of knowledge and experience.


“My reason for signing up for the course was to move up on the career ladder after being recommended by my manager.

“Learning about all the different areas within lighting has given me a much broader understanding of the industry, and as a result my knowledge and skills have increased dramatically.

“I have met a lot of different people from all areas of the lighting industry, learned how the industry works and gained invaluable insight from the tutors who are all industry experts.

“The course is great for those who want to have a much in-depth understanding of the lighting industry and want to improve or update their knowledge. It is suitable for those new to the industry or already working in it - whether in development, safety, testing or as managers.”

- Pretesh Sitpura

Course Summary

The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Lighting Design and Technology is the first, and as things stand, the only qualification in lighting at this level in the UK available for new entrants and those looking to further develop existing careers within the lighting industry.

The qualification was created in partnership between the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and the University of South Wales (USW), and is delivered jointly by leading industry experts through the Lighting Industry Academy and USW.

The course is available as both part-time and full-time, with the modules scheduled in blocks to enable students to work around their home and work commitments. It is suitable for those looking to develop their understanding of light, lighting technologies, design and their applications.

  • Delivered in partnership with University of South Wales
  • Taught by the leading lighting industry experts
  • Gain knowledge to apply directly to your role
  • Scheduled learning blocks to manage time around work commitments
  • Option to take your education in lighting to the degree level