EDA and LIA announce joint agreement

The Lighting Industry Association and Electrical Distributors Association this week announced a joint agreement to work closely together and share member benefits between the organisations. The agreement covers a wide range of services from training to social events but is aimed at improving the supply chain links between manufacturers and distributors.

“The transition to LED technology has brought its challenges for both manufacturers and distributors” says Steve Davies, LIA’s CEO. “Electrical distributors are increasingly looking for assurance that the products they sell are complaint and perform to claims. By improving our ties with EDA we can help provide the information they need through access to expert training. Furthermore EDA members now have access to the our brand new UKAS accredited lighting laboratory which opened on Tuesday this week along with a range of other benefits”.

Current EDA President, Tom Jones, said, “The electrical wholesaler is positioned right in the centre of a supply chain linking the manufacturer to the installer.  It is absolutely vital that the wholesaling channel works with its upstream suppliers to ensure a successful flow of products to the market.  There are many factors to take into account to achieve this success.  One of the most important of these is open and clear communication between the supply chain partners so that each understands the opportunities and challenges of the other.  Another is training and education of wholesaling staff to understand new products and technologies and also to recognise compliant and non-compliant products.  At a time when new and unfamiliar LED products are appearing on the market it is important to have the reassurance of LIA certification. We are delighted to engage more closely with LIA and exchange member benefits including access to training and to the services of the new LIA Laboratory.”

Notes to Editors
The Electrical Distributors’ Association  was established in 1914 ( originally as the Electrical Wholesalers’ Federation). Wholesaler members number 145 companies of varying sizes from one-branch operations to businesses with several hundred outlets.  Leading market players, CEF, Edmundson Electrical Ltd and Rexel are represented along with 135 independent wholesalers including all the members of the ANEW, AWEBB and Fegime buying groups.   The Association also has 65 affiliated manufacturer members including many members of the LIA.