CoCo Lighting introduce its BIO-Luminaire Brochure

Pictured: The COCO Team at the testing laboratory

Light fixtures are often overlooked due to inaccessible high ceilings and walls but can however, still harbour hidden and harmful bacteria. The spread of bacteria is a major concern in every environment. With this in mind and after many months of research and development, the Bio-Luminaire range is a new range of surface, recessed and pendant LED luminaires available from COCO Lighting. The unique benefit is that they offer a more hygienic alternative to traditional and existing lighting.

Armed with BioCote® technology, Bio-Luminaire will continue to protect 24/7 against bacterial growth, as well as provide a reliable and maintenance free light source. Designed and manufactured by COCO Lighting and protected with BioCote® silver-ion technology throughout, Bio-Luminaire has been independently tested and validated to ISO22196:2011 and proven to reduce the levels of bacteria by over 99% within 2 hours upon contact. And is proven effective against MRSA, E.coli and Influenza.

Bio-Luminaire is an ideal addition or replacement in helping to reduce energy consumption as well as ongoing maintenance costs with its high-quality LED’s and range of decorative trim options designed to match your environment. Bio-Luminaire is an ideal solution for hospitals, healthcare centres and areas where hygiene is of paramount importance.

BioCote® technology is not a coating but is impregnated into the diffuser sheet and paint at the time of manufacture, offering protection against bacterial growth. COCO Lighting can also adapt your new or existing design with our antimicrobial technology. 

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