Website development

The Lighting Industry Association launched this new website in March 2016, to provide a modern digital platform for the LIA. With further releases scheduled throughout 2016, our aim is to incrementally improve our offer in direct response to member feedback, providing a dedicated resource for the lighting industry.

The new site is designed to provide a flexible foundation, with a series of smaller releases scheduled for further development. We have a lot of ideas for improving our online services, but are eager to be responsive to feedback and member-demand. Our approach maintains the flexibility to incorporate ideas from a range of sources, ensuring the platform continues to grow and be relevant in the future.

We are committed to using this approach to bring constant improvement in all areas, including improved Member services, greater prominnce for ICEL and member products, and enhancements to the Laboratory and Academy offers. 

Previous releases

The Lamp release was successfully launched on 14 September, and brought the following improvements:

  • Students successfully completing learning through the Lighting Industry Academy, including all courses offered by the LIA, will now be able to access a verified record of all recognised learning, with the facility to share access to the record on demand.
  • Users will be able to filter the list of LIA members, including being able to access a list of all companies registered on ICEL or LIAQA schemes
  • Improvements have been made to the Academy course search, to make finding and booking courses easier
  • Numerous other tweaks and improvements

This follows the following previous reeases:

Lamp release
  • Access and share Academy learning record
  • Identify members by membership type and ICEL & LIAQA scheme registration
Lumens release
  • Private access for committee members for restricted paperwork
  • Online payments for events
Halogen release
  • Improvements to the news area for members
  • Launch of online payments for Academy courses

Upcoming improvements

As part of our commitment to on-going improvement of member services, the following further website releases are scheduled. Each release will contain one or two major developments and a larger number smaller changes and enhancements. The specific areas are subject to change depending on member feedback, but the current schedule is as follows:

Photometry releaseComing soon
  • Changes to Knowledge Library categorisation
  • LIAQA and membership applications available online


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