Quality Policy

The Lighting Industry Association, LIA Laboratories and the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting are committed to the effective operation and continual improvement of the quality system. The LIA will ensure that there is a suitable framework for setting quality objectives, where a key objective of the Organisation is to provide a quality driven service to our Members. The quality system has been carefully planned, installed, and documented, and includes a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.  It is regularly monitored and amended when necessary for its suitability.

Its commitment to quality includes control of practices, reducing the risk of errors and the effective correction of errors that do occur. It is a reflection of the Industry’s commitment to quality in the market place and its desire to practise what it preaches.

All the employees of the Association have been involved in analysis of the Association’s activities so that they could document the structure, responsibilities, and procedures of the organisation. They have cleared up many inconsistencies in the way that they work and all the employees are aware of the Association’s commitment to quality. Equally, all the employees have helped to define the system – everyone knows what is going on and has all the information they need to carry out their jobs satisfactorily.

The Quality Manual documents the quality system, which is now an important element in the induction and training of new staff.

The quality system ensures good communication between all staff, and leads to a greater understanding of the function of the Association, and the contribution of the individual member of staff towards this function.

Every member of staff can access the Operations Quality Manual, which is a reference manual describing their function in the quality system. Members of the Association are aware of the quality of service they can expect from their Association.