Smart Badges

The brand badges of the LIA symbolise the quality, safety and performance of its members and their products. Smart badges will allow us to keep better control of these LIA brands.

Smart Badges provide a digitally smart validation giving members' customers the confidence of a verifiable brand. By installing the LIA Smart badge on your website, the public will be able to easily validate your LIA member credentials with a single click. The LIA will also be able to update badge designs to reduce the chance of impersonation, and automatically remove badges from lapsed members. This will help to maintain the value of LIA brands on behalf of member companies.

The LIA have partnered with Yoshki to provide this service. Established in 2009, Yoshki provide an invaluable service helping the LIA to protect and manage the digital assets more efficiently. 

Badges available

The following Smart Badges are available to members meeting the relevant criteria:

Membership status and scheme registrations can be verified using the LIA member search. If you believe this information is incorrect, please contact us.

Installing your Smart Badge

Badges can only be used on domains registered with the LIA (normally at the time of joining). There is no limit to the number of sites smart badges can be installed on, as long as each site is owned and controlled by the member company. If you need to add or update your website domains, please get in touch.

Badges are installed by adding a small code snippet to your website code. Each badge can be installed separately, but will only be displayed if you meet the relevant membership or registration critera.

Please use the relevant installation guides, provided by our technical partner Yoshki, to add a Smart Badge to your website:

  • Full Member Smart Badge Install Guide
  • Retail Member Smart Badge Install Guide - available to small retail members only
  • ICEL Member Smart Badge Install Guide - available to ICEL members only please send us a request.

Further technical support is available from Yoshki directly, from their dedicated helpdesk or email by E-mailing Support on