Retail Membership

Our Retail Members are drawn from all areas of retail, from major chains to sole trading stores. We understand that the needs of a large retail chain will vary from that of a single enterprise and offer different levels of Membership accordingly.

Entry-Level Retail Membership

Our Entry-Level Retail Membership is designed to suit single enterprises and boutique retailers. Attracting our lowest fees, this level of Membership will give you: 

  • Access to our knowledge library and enable you to access Member-only information
  • The opportunity to display our logo on your marketing material to define and stress your expertise in the lighting arena.

LIA Major Retail Membership 

LIA Major Retail membership is appropriate for larger lighting retailers, such as chain stores. This includes lighting specialists with a product range that focuses entirely on lamps/bulbs, light fittings and shades, as well as homewares stores with lighting departments. Major Retail Membership will give you:

  • Access to up to date technical advice and information on the latest regulatory updatesYou will be able to access our accredited laboratories to test a selection of your lighting range, and receive test reports detailing product compliance.
  • Access to our accredited laboratories to test a selection of your lighting range, and receive test reports detailing product compliance
  • Support in implementing management and quality systems to ensure compliance and consistent quality lighting products. This includes the option to adopt an industry wide Quality Assurance module written specifically for lighting products
  • Staff training to help your team better engage with your customers and provide knowledgeable advice

  • A voice among legislators where we lobby on your behalf, in both the UK and Europe, where we are in direct contact with the EU Commission on topics related to lighting

  • Access to the latest industry news, statistics and market intelligence

  • A full calendar of lighting-focused engagements, including social and networking opportunities.

You will also be able to use the LIA Member logo and demonstrate to your customers your commitment to quality and safety within your lighting product range, positioning your business as a premier destination for lighting advice and service, in turn promoting marketing opportunities and sales. 


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