The LIA Market Compliance Scheme is one of the key ongoing initiatives within the Lighting industry.

The Market Compliance Scheme is an unprecedented move towards demonstrating the quality of LIA Members' products and distinguishing them from non-compliant products that are sold in both the UK and global market.

The rationale of the scheme is to show that LIA Members have adequate and reliable product Technical Files, and that they do not make false claims in relation to product performance.

The Scheme's assessment seeks to clarify the existing legal requirements of the CE Technical Document, which can sometimes be complex, full of loopholes, and create confusion for both businesses and consumers.

All eligible LIA members are required to participate in the scheme and will be subject to random product CE Technical File assessment exercise. This exercise will be performed by the LIA Market Compliance team based our facilities in Telford.

How it works

  • The initiative is designed to provide consumer confidence in LIA Member products.
  • Member companies are selected via a ballot every month.
  • The results, including non-conformities, are reported to the individual Member Company but otherwise kept private and secure.
  • Annual results are collated and published with a list outlining the number of Technical Files assessed and the number of non-conformities found.

What are the benefits

  • Members using the LIA Member Logo are able to demonstrate to customers that they hold suitable and robust Technical Files for the product assessed.
  • Enjoy a ‘level playing field’ where all Members adhere to the same levels of quality.
  • Members are invited to address non-conformities, and the LIA will work with our members to ensure that they provide the right technical support to ensure they meet these requirements.
  • Together we will promote high quality standards throughout the lighting industry.

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