Innovation Funding

LIA has teamed up with professional services business MPA. Specialising in all aspects of innovation, MPA has worked to release funding for LIA members such as Collier Webb, Haberdashery and tp24.

R&D Tax Credit scheme

Let us release vital investment for your business as our experts partner with you to undertake a careful, ongoing analysis of your business and the costs you’ve incurred that might be eligible for tax credits. In 2018 alone, we helped more than 600 innovative businesses take another step forward.  

“I can tell you that MPA's experts clearly understood our sector and our business and were quickly able to identify where we could find qualifying activity and spend” – Simon Lilley, S. Lilley & Sons

MPA have developed a simple four-step process which guarantees a professional, well-planned and efficient claim, saving time for their clients.

“After meeting with a Technical Analyst from MPA, we were surprised by how much of our work we could claim for, and the process of identifying this qualifying activity was made very simple and not as time consuming as we first expected.” – Geoff Collier, Collier Webb

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Patent Box relief

If your business has delivered a patented innovation, there is a strong likelihood that you will be eligible for government tax relief. Our experts can ensure your ideas receive the industry and financial recognition you deserve, all helping to fuel your next big idea, just as LIA member tp24 did.

“For a company like mine, working with MPA has made a really positive impact. They have the expertise to take the complexity out of government tax schemes designed to help business invest and grow and the experience to ensure that other related schemes, like R&D tax credits, are combined to maximise the benefit to tp24. With MPA’s help we can use these reliefs with confidence.” - Shaun Davis, tp24

This relief is available to companies liable for Corporation Tax, who own a qualifying IP right, or own an exclusive licence in respect of these rights. The rules around the scheme are complex, but MPA’s delivery process ensures their clients receive the funding they are entitled to.

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