ICEL Membership

The Lighting Industry Association’s Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) specialises in providing support to LIA Members and the Emergency Lighting market. ICEL Members represent 80% of the emergency lighting market in the U.K.

If you are a manufacturer, installer or supplier of emergency lighting components or products and ISO 9001:2015 certified, you will have the option to join the ICEL Specialist Division of the LIA when you become an LIA Member.  ICEL Membership will give you all the benefits of LIA Membership as well as extensive support tailored to the needs of the emergency lighting market.

In addition to the advantages you’ll enjoy as an LIA Member, ICEL Membership benefits include:

Access to specialist knowledge 

  • ICEL acts as a one-stop-knowledge shop and will share specialist emergency lighting information and the work of committees with Members.
  • The opportunity to influence ICEL committees
  • Members may participate in the work of ICEL committees and are regularly briefed in significant developments in emergency lighting.

Access to marketing support

ICEL works to raise awareness of the emergency lighting industry, promoting education, training and awareness of lighting, as well as the benefits of good lighting and the importance of safety and quality.


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