Subject-focused Technical Committees support the technical work of the LIA.
They are created according to industry need.

There are currently 5 Technical Committees that are the prime discussion forum for members who wish to be more active in the Association.

They cover subjects such as:

  • input on IEC/EN standards proposals
  • input to LightingEurope, our European Trade Association, on EU subjects such as ERP, RoHS, LVD etc
  • input to UK Government on ECA, building regs etc
  • preparation of LIA Technical Bulletins, Information Sheets, Technical Statements & Guides

The Technical Committees report to the LIA Technical Board who, in turn, report to the LIA Council.
The Technical Board is made up of the Chair and Vice-Chair of each TC plus invited external experts.

Committees are made up of LIA Members and external experts. Invitations to take part in the Committee are made if the Member is able to represent interested and contributing LIA Members, or is an external expert whose input and knowledge would be beneficial to the work of the Committee. The Committee Chair, in consultation with the LIA Technical Managers, consider all nominations for Committee membership.