Employee Engagement Survey

Do you know your staff? Or more importantly, do you know what they really think of you? Why not find out!

Increase employee engagement and maximise your business performance. Sounds simple doesn't it?

But how do you find out how engaged your employees are? Well that IS simple.... You ask them!


The LIA have created a simple, yet comprehensive employee engagement survey for your employees to answer using the LIA as a 3rd party, therfore gaining honest feedback!

Step 1) Sign your company up to partake in the survey.

Step 2) Send the LIA a list of ALL employees email addresses.

Step 3) The LIA send the survey electronically to ALL employees.

Step 4) Set up an incentive to ensure maximum responses. 

Step 5) The LIA compile ALL responses into a report and present to your company. 

 Overview to the Survey

Read a Case Study from Fern-Howard   

If you wish for your company to take this survey then contact us by emailing  betha@thelia.org.uk
OR call 01952 290905