LIA Verified

Are you confident that your product claims are correct? Are you confident potential customers can differentiate products that can? The LIA Verified scheme has been created to identify quality products, so members of the scheme can declare a trustworthy third party verification of three key elements – Safety, Performance and Life capability.

The LIA Verified scheme has triggered interest from the wholesaler market, who are now considering how this scheme can help them eliminate warranty risk from non-conforming products, and products that do not meet their performance claims. Find out more by watching the LIA Verified video:

Information on all verified products can be independently verified on our dedicated verifications site,

After achieving LIA Verified status on your products you will receive the following benefits:

  • LIA Verified certificate and full schedule of tests performed.
  • Your schedule and product information will be published on the LIA Certification website.
  • LIA Verified Logo usage for packaging and marketing.
  • Technical support from our team of experts throughout the testing process.
  • Support from The LIA through social media.