Laboratory Schemes

The LIA Laboratory is able to offer a number of schemes to high-quality laboratories and internal testing facilities. This allows your internal capability to be independently recognised, and issue LIA-backed reports.

LIA Gonio and Sphere Scheme

Validate your Goniophotometer and integrating sphere measurements and data with The LIA Gonio scheme or The LIA Sphere scheme giving you third party assessment and confidence in your test results.

With support from the experts at The LIA, you will undergo an annual inspection of your laboratory or facilities to verify the suitability of the Photometric equipment, ensure your documentation is correct and to review the technical competence of the photometry staff. We also check the measurement process.

By meeting the requirements of this scheme you will benefit from:

  • Describing yourself as a ‘LIA Laboratory registered photometric laboratory’ and be listed on the LIA Laboratory certification website
  • Save time and money on producing your photometric measurements in house
  • You are able to demonstrate compliance and competence in the quality of your measurements
  • Save money on the LIA Verified scheme as we can use your photometric measurements, resulting on a lower cost overall
  • Receive continuous support from our certification team


This scheme has been established by The LIA to provide validation of power measurements for lighting products that require unmetered supply applications (UMS). It's the ideal scheme for those who require multiple UMSUG tests without the repeated testing costs.

As with all of our schemes you will be required to undergo an annual inspection/audit to verify the adequacy of your measurement equipment, documentation and to ensure the technical competence of your staff members. We also check the measurement process. When you have obtained your measurements in house you then send over your data sheets to our Certification team at the LIA Laboratory who will check your results and convert to an official LIA report, for submission to ELEXON.

LIA Laboratory is a registered ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test house with the capability of carrying out UMSUG measurements both in house and we also have the availability to send one of our expert engineers to your site to carry out this testing, to provide you with the required report for submission to ELEXON for your final charge code.