Workshop: Global market access for your lighting products with UL

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The Lighting Industry Academy in partnership with UL project is offering a free one-day workshop with expert trainers that will help you export around the world.

The main idea behind the collaboration is to allow British companies to get the local testing done in the UK for their customers in North America.

As part of the partnership between the LIA and UL, following an introductory phase, the LIA will be qualified by UL to offer testing for the cULus Marks and enable British manufacturers easier access to the North American market.

The workshop will give you a general overview of the differences between the IEC and the UL world and what you have to know when exporting lighting products to the North American market.

It will also explore greater opportunity available for UK manufacturers by way of Global Market Access (GMA) which includes a team of 40 specialist to assist you with knowledge and support, including technical and commercial advice, for ease through customs.

With the increasing popularity of internet connected luminaires, the workshop will give you an idea on what to take into account when making smart luminaires.

Workshop Location:The LIA, Telford
Education Institution:The Lighting Industry Academy
Duration:1 day


Teacher-led classroom learning
Workshop Provider:UL International Germany GmbH


This workshop is suitable for Management and Business Development managers who would like to familiarise themselves with the requirements of exporting. It is also suitable for Quality Managers and Product Designers who have to meet the export requirements but do not have the technical knowledge. The workshop will also benefit salespeople who will benefit from understanding the technical requirements of the market they will be exporting to.

The second part of the workshop is all about the future of lighting, highlighting the importance of radio connected luminaires, especially when it comes to IoT-lighting solutions.


Session 1

Topic: Introduction - UL at a glance and the world of standards

Speaker: Dr Hans Laschefski, EU Lighting Business Development Manager, UL

Session 2

Topic: UL certificates for North America an overview - A preliminary inspection as the first step into a certification process

Speaker: Dr Hans Laschefski, EU Lighting Business Development Manager, UL


Topic: GMA (Global Market Access) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an example for the Middle East region

Speaker: Dr Hans Laschefski, EU Lighting Business Development Manager, UL


Session 4

Topic: Lighting the way into a connected smart world

Speaker: Colin Forrester, Business Development Manager, UL

Session 5

Topic: Consideration and Challenges of adding wireless – regulations and requirements

Speaker: Colin Forrester, Business Development Manager, UL


Teacher-led presentations and discussions in a classroom setting.


One day: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.


This workshop is not assessed.




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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 – The LIA, Telford

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